Best Podcasts on Food and Eating, Intuitive Eating, Body Image, Psychology, Self Improvement, Eating Disorder Recovery and More

Current Favorite Podcasts on Food and Eating, Intuitive Eating, Body Image, Psychology, Self Improvement and More

diet & exercise lifestyle on being vegan podcast Jun 17, 2022

Show notes:

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For a list of all the shows mentioned in today's episode scroll down and find your favorites.


As is tradition at The Brownble Podcast near the summer, and per our listeners recent requests, today I'm sharing my current favorite podcasts in the hopes that they bring inspiration to your life, and to of course help boost the listenership of some of these incredible shows that have given so much to me and others. Today I'll be sharing some of the best podcasts in psychology, food and eating, eating disorder recovery, intuitive eating and nutrition, body image, self improvement, society and culture, the best vegan podcasts, interview style podcasts and more.

In the spirit of sharing the podcast love, please remember that one of the best ways to support content creators in the podcast space is to leave ratings and reviews. So much goes into creating these shows, it feels like it's just as simple as pressing record and uploading but there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes, so if you could take 2 minutes today to leave a rating and review in our podcast, especially on Apple podcasts, and in any of those podcasts that fill your day with support, entertainment, joy, fun, or inspiration, I know I can speak for any other podcasters out there when I say it would mean the world. This is one great way of making sure others find the show, it helps podcasters get amazing and inspiring guests, it helps with sponsorship opportunities to help finance shows, and so much more. I'm joining you in this today, as soon as I finish recording today's show I'm going to take a few minutes to leave reviews on some of my favorite shows as well. I for one don't even remember what it was like to NOT have podcasts accompanying me through my day and I'm so grateful they exist! Another great way to support some of these shows and ours is to share them, take a screenshot and post on social media, or use the podcast platform and share via whats app or messages with your friends. In advance, we can't thank you enough.


Best podcasts in Psychology

Grief Cast

Host: Cariad Lloyd

Description: A wonderful podcast on grief, with interesting guests including famous writers, therapists, actors and more, who have each gone through grief. A wonderful show to help you see how unique the experience of grieving is to each person, and also, how similar some of the difficulties are, showing us that we are never the only ones, and never alone in the complicated messiness of grief.

Best Friend Therapy

Hosts: Renowned podcast host of the How To Fail Podcast Elizabeth Day and her best friend and therapist, Emma Reed Turrell

Description: These two knowledgable best friends talk about different topics, from Bodies, Ageing and Appearance, Impostor Syndrome, Boundaries, Relationships and more.

Dear Therapists

Hosts: Lori Gotlieb (author of Maybe you Should Talk to Someone) and Guy Winch

Description: Two renowned therapists sit down with people of all walks of life and bring you real-life therapy sessions, accompanying guests through their life challenges including relationships, family dynamics, career and work challenges, parenthood, illness, and more.

Somos Estupendas (In Spanish)

Host: Yaiza

Description: A superb podcast on mental health covering every topic imaginable with in depth talk and expert therapists covering topics like anxiety, depression, body image, stress, self esteem, loneliness, codepenency, trauma and more. For women by women.

Best Podcasts about Career Paths

Should I Be (previously the One Part Plant Podcast)

Host: Jessica Murnane

Description: The podcast I wish had existed when I was finishing high school! In each episode, Jessica and a guest of a different profession talk about what it takes to be a: a therapist, a dietitian, a doula, a yoga teacher, a librarian, and more. From education to what career paths are available and what the day to day looks like. Perfect for anyone thinking of starting a new career path. Previous episodes before the show changed formats are also very interesting.

Follow your Bliss

Host: Jessica Flint

Description: Formerly known as the Recovery Warriors podcast (and past episodes on eating disorder recovery are all still available and incredible), now Jessica takes you along the path of losing your fear and changing your belief systems when it comes to finding what you truly want to do.

Best Podcasts in Self Improvement /Society and Culture / Social Sciences and General Interviews

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Host: Elizabeth Day

Description: An incredible show in which each week a renowned guest talks about three failures they've had in their lives, and how they overcame them. One of my favorite shows of all time, showing us that everyone struggles, everyone fails, and regrets are a necessary part of life.


The Jordan Harbinger Show

Host: Jordan Harbinger

Description: A fascinating podcast on social sciences, social dynamics and social psychology covering topics with special guest experts in areas like hustle culture, happiness, regret, bias, work, family dynamics, disinformation, social status, influence as well as an inside look into all sorts of areas that will spark your curiosity like what it's like inside the mafia, the movie business, the military, space travel, ilicit activities and more.

Design Matters 

Host: Debbie Millman

Description: An interview style podcast with one of the top design minds in the world, as she asks wonderful questions to renowned guests and brings us a glimpse into different life paths, career paths, and more.

Best Podcasts in Intuitive Eating and Nutrition

Food Psych

Host: Registered dietitian nutritionist Christy Harrison

Description: In what will be the final season of one of the most famous podcasts on intuitive eating and anti diet nutrition, Christy guides you to a more peaceful relationship with food and shows you why dieting is harmful. I owe my own healing with food and body image to this podcast and will forever be grateful to Christie for the wonderful work she's put out into the world.

Let us Eat Cake

Host: Registered Dietitians Ali Eberhardt and Hannah Robinson

Description: These wonderful anti diet and registered dietitian nutritionists guide you to better health and nutrition without food, diet and weight obsession, talk about the harms that can come from popular diets, guide you into the intuitive eating principles and more.

Nourishing Women Podcast

Host: Registered Dietitian Victoria Myers

Description: Wonderful interviews and even better bite sized, short episodes on different aspects around healing your relationship with food and body image, practicing intuitive eating and much more.

What the Actual Fork?

Host: Intuitive eating registered dietitian nutritionists Sammy Previte and Jenna Werner

Description: A wonderful podcast on intuitive eating, body diversity, body image and eating disorders covering the many food and eating situations and life stages we will find ourselves in on a day to day basis.

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Best Podcasts in Eating Disorder Recovery and Body Image

The Eating Disorder Therapist Podcast

Host: Harriet Frew

Description: Eating disorder recovery from the psychological and emotional perspective with a fantastic host and wonderful guests that range from specialists in eating disorder recovery, survivors, dietitians and more including short support episodes with only Harriet's tips and advice.

ED Matters

Host: Varied professionals in the field of eating disorders

Description: From clinicians to treatment styles and centers for recovery, coaches, therapists and more, this podcast offers healthy conversations about eating disorders and recovery.

Beyond Body with Mia Findlay

Host: Eating disorder coach Mia Findlay

Description: One of my favorite podcasts on eating disorder recovery with a big emphasis on body image, body neutrality and acceptance. A wonderful podcast by the creator of the famous What Mia did Next youtube channel.

It's not about the Food

Host: Psychiatrist Dr. Stefani Reinold

Description: A wonderful show to learn more about eating disorders and the differences between them and disordered eating ad chronic dieting. Great episodes on treatment, the different types of eating disorders, how to recognize its signs, symptoms and more.


Recovery Bites

Host: Karin Lewis

Description: A fantastic podcast on eating disorder recovery showcasing specialists, survivors of EDs, trauma and the origins of eating disorders, stories and support.

Best Podcasts on Vegan Diets, Cooking, Veganism and Eating

 A little disclaimer before we tackle this topic. Confession time: I don't listen to a lot of vegan podcasts anymore and the reason is that interspersed with wonderful, amazing shows and episodes on the ethics behind veganism, making delicious food, entrepreneurship and wonderful animal stories is a lot of diet-culture centric content.

It has become a big part of the vegan movement, and although I'm 100% for the pursuit of health, some of the perspectives that are out there can be very triggering and often damaging in creating an obsession with purity in eating, less of a space for vegan peeps of all shapes and sizes, and this content can be very triggering for anyone with a past history of disordered eating or an eating disorder.This is the main reason why I've stepped away from many shows I used to listen to, which doesn't mean they don't also have wonderful content and are doing amazing work, it just means these shows aren't as much on my radar anymore. I would like to include however, three that I find have less of this triggering content or that some of you have shared and you've found interesting (but as always, proceed with awareness, skipping any episodes that might not be for you right now).


World Vegan Travel

Host: Brighde Reed

Description: A podcast on all things vegan travel and a must-have resource for my fellow vegans who want to eat deliciously while travelling, guests give you a guided tour of cities they've visited and tips for traveling as a vegan.

Food for Thought Podcast

Host: Colleen Patrick Goudreau

Description: One of the oldest and most comprehensive podcasts on animal advocacy, delicious vegan food and a critical look at the vegan movement from one of the queens of veganism, a vegan philosopher if there ever was one, Colleen Patrick Goudreau.

Vegan Life Magazine

Host: Jake Yapp

Description: Finally, a podcast about vegan food and cooking akin to popular non-vegan shows like America's Test Kitchen, such a fun exploration of vegan food, ingredients and world renowned dishes and chefs, all cooked with plants.

The Brownble Podcast · That's our show!

Host: Kim Sujovolsky

Description: A podcast on vegan cooking and food, support on improving your relationship with food with a non diet approach, special guests joining the worlds of intuitive eating and veganism, health experts showing us how we can have proper nutrition and health without obsession, in depth and personal talks about body image and finding peace with food, cooking, eating and your body. By an ethical vegan but for all eaters and respectful of the journey each person wishes to go through. As far as we know, the first and only vegan podcast with an anti-diet (or non-diet) and intuitive eating approach.

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