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Everything you Need to Know about Seitan

diet & exercise on being vegan podcast Sep 30, 2021

▶ Podcast Episode 195: Everything you Need to Know about Seitan

Show notes:

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Youtube video: Holiday Seitan Roast with Caramelised Apples and Fennel + Gravy

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Youtube video: Seitan Scaloppine Piccata

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In this last episode of our mini mid-summer season of the podcast before we kick off season 9, we're talking all about making seitan from scratch at home. I'll be talking about the origins of this incredible high protein staple, the two methods of making homemade seitan, how to flavor and season it, the basic techniques for cooking it including braising, simmering, steaming and cooking it in a water bath. I'll also be discussing whether seitan should be kneaded, how to transform it into delicious vegan dishes, as well as the best methods for cooking a seitan roast, seitan sausages, vegan deli meats, steaks and more. It's a jam packed episode, full of information on how to cook this delicious vegan meat alternative.

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