Switching to a Vegan Diet, Some Simple Tips on How to Get Started when Going Vegan

Mini Q & A: HELP! I’ve Decided to go Vegan Today and I have no Idea What to Eat

diet & exercise on being vegan q&a Sep 23, 2021

▶ Podcast Episode 194: 
Mini Q & A: HELP! I’ve Decided to go Vegan Today and I have no Idea What to Eat

Show notes:

Our online course The Roadmap: Going Vegan Made Simple

Anti Diet and Vegan Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Taylor Wolfram

The Vegan for Life Food Guide

The book "Vegan for Life"

The book "Vegan for Her"

Registered Dietitian Virginia Messina and her free blog theveganrd.com

Registered Dietitian Jack Norris and his free blog veganhealth.org

The greatest place to find vegan restaurants, shops and more: Happycow.net

In today’s mini Q & A episode I answer two listener questions about getting started on their vegan journey. We’ll talk about what the start of this path can look like and why it’s important to find the right pace for this transition. I share some of the must read books and blogs on nutrition basics so you can make this transition easily and safely. I also discuss that very basic question “what should I eat as a vegan” and so much more.

The questions by our two “Sams” go as follows:

“HELP! I’ve decided to go vegan today and I have no idea what to eat. Any tips on how to get started if I’m not the most expert cook?”


“I’ve recently gone vegan and I’ve seen you show on instagram that you batch cook a pot of grains and a pot of beans at the start of the week, my question is how do I cook a basic pot of beans, do I just boil them until tender with salt and drain them? I’m feeling a bit lost with how to build my meals and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

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