Why Should I Start a Journaling Practice?

Mini Q and A: Why Should I Start a Journaling Practice?

diet & exercise lifestyle on being vegan podcast q&a Sep 16, 2021

▶ Podcast Episode 193:
 Mini Q and A: Why Should I Start a Journaling Practice?

In today’s podcast episode I answer a listener question about journaling. One of our Sams (the lovely pseudonym we use to protect our students’ and listener’s privacy when asking questions to be answered in this space), who already has a very full plate with work and family obligations, has heard me giving you journaling exercises and prompts and is wondering why this is a practice worth pursuing, and what benefits I’ve had from journaling through the years.

Sam’s question goes like this (please note that some identifying information has been edited to protect Sam’s privacy:

“I am not a journaling person, I have so much on my plate every day (…) that it appears to me as another chore to do.. maybe it would be interesting to know why it is useful for you .. Thank you also for sharing so much about your personal journey, this is what makes you such a special human being and certainly helps us on our own personal development”

Thank you so much for your question Sam! I’ll do my best to answer it in today’s episode, highlighting what journaling is, what the benefits of journaling are, the different types of journaling and how often to do this practice, as well as my personal history with journaling, from my pre-teen years up to now, and what this practice has changed in my own life, in my relationship with food and body image..

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