The Brownble Podcast Season 10: A Podcast Discussing the Intersection of Veganism and Vegan Diets and your Relationship to Food, Body Image and More

The Brownble Podcast Season 10 Trailer

diet & exercise interviews lifestyle news on being vegan podcast q&a vegan travel vlog Feb 10, 2023

Show notes:


I can't believe I am sitting here recording the brand new season of The Brownble Podcast!

It's going to be a very different season from all of the previous ones because we've decided to incorporate a new video feature. That means you might be listening to this through your favorite podcast player or you might be watching us on YouTube. The idea is to give you more content, more of that support that we've been giving you for the past seven years at Brownble.

For those of you who might be new to the podcast, we've been bringing you additional support to the work we do through our online program My Brownble, and all of our courses at and all of the delicious recipes we bring you through our YouTube channel as well. The podcast has always been a space in which we have more in depth conversations, I answer your questions, we've had incredible guests talking about everything from vegan nutrition, psychology and mental health, vegan lifestyle, cooking, travel, our relationship with food and exercise and more. This new phase of the podcast is going to provide more of that, more of that support that I know you love from the podcast. Now you have it on video as well if that's a format that you enjoy, and same thing goes for the audio (traditional podcast form) you've always loved.

In this season of the podcast, we're going to focus mostly on solo shows, although I'm excited about some possible guests that might be joining us as well. I'm going to focus on answering so many of your questions, so any topics that you want covered on the show and any questions you might have that you want answered on the show (always anonymously), send them as an email to [email protected] or leave them as a comment on YouTube, on any of our social media platforms or leave us a DM. We'll be happy to include them in this season of the show.

We've had a long hiatus between season nine and this current season, season ten, and I have so many personal updates to give you. So many things have changed since we last hung out together in this format and you're going to understand a little bit more about why we're expanding the podcast in this way. I hope that it's successful in that you still get that personal feeling that you get from the podcast that I know you love so much and I cannot wait to continue bringing you support.

What is the Brownble Podcast about?

If you're new to our podcast, we are a vegan podcast with a slightly different approach in that we talk about our relationship with food, about mindful eating, the intersection of intuitive eating and veganism, as well as topics like body image and so much more, because, as I always like to say, food is never just about the food, it's about so much more than that. This is the additional perspective we bring through our podcast that sometimes you don't get to enjoy through our recipe videos and our cooking videos, because we're to the point and trying to get a meal ready. This is going to be a very special place for you and I to virtually hang out in together, to talk about how to improve our relationship with food, and so many varied vegan topics.

This is not a space only for vegans though. We have a ton of listeners who are all across the spectrum when it comes to eating. I want to reassure you that this is an inclusive space. This is a place where we welcome anybody and everybody, no matter how they eat or wish to eat. 

This is just a tiny glimpse of what's to come, and I will see you next week with our first episode of Season 10!

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