Ep178: Welcome Home Obi! A Doggie Adoption with its Challenges but even more Love: Stories and Tips when Adopting a Dog

Season #8

Even though our gorgeous ball of white fur, dog-baby Obi, came into our lives early last summer, we had yet to tell you all about him, his story, the challenges that came up with his adoption from the shelter, and the wonder that has been him joining our little family. Since we’ve never had a dog adoption specific episode in the podcast, I thought it was the perfect time to also give you some tips if you’ve been thinking of adopting a dog.

I’ll also be sharing a list of where you can find dogs and cats that are up for adoption in the US and in Spain, how to find a dog shelter near you and busting some myths about dog adoption, and as you might imagine, sharing tons of pictures and links to go with the stories.

For all the photos and links mentioned in today's episode, click here.