Ep175: Meet the Intuitive Eating Principles (Part 2)

Season #8

Welcome back to another edition of our intuitive eating series of episodes and posts! After discussing some common misconceptions about intuitive eating, the wonderful framework created by registered dietitians Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole, and briefly introducing the first two principles of intuitive eating, today, I continue to give you a brief rundown of a few others. My hope is that this introduction to intuitive eating inspires you to get the book and learn directly from the pros. Although the book isn’t specifically about vegan eating, there is certainly space for your personal ethical beliefs, religious traditions or your preferences when it comes to food, and I’ll be mentioning how in my years of being an intuitive eater and an ethical vegan I’ve been able to navigate the two without falling back into the diet mentality or having any sense of restriction or deprivation. We continue to explore the question, is there such a thing as an intuitive eating vegan?

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