Ep149: Quarantine Support and The "Imperfect" Vegan Series: My Plate isn't Always "Perfect"

Season #7

Today we continue with our "Imperfect" Vegan Series and I also give you a bit of support during these trying times we're all going through right now. I share a bit of how the situation is in Spain with the COVID 19 pandemic, my stay at the hospital and what I witnessed there, and we talk about the stress we might be feeling right now and how to give over worrying a bit of a break. Then we head into talking about the idea of "a perfect" vegan plate of food and the filters we might be seeing this through, and I give you a great tool from the wisdom of intuitive eating to help you make food choices without the need to be perfect or feel you've failed or passed a test. I give you my favorite resource for gentle vegan nutrition and more.

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