Ep131: Relationship with Food Series Part 6: Happy Movement (Literally!)

Season #6

The final episode of our relationship with food series is here! Today I want to share a bit about my own journey with exercise and how it relates to my relationship with food, what happens when I use it, abuse it, and under use it. I’ll talk about the importance of finding the right motivation to keep exercise at a happy place, and towards the end I’ll be sharing our at home exercise library, filled with fun routines you can do at home, whether it’s the middle of winter, way too hot outside or it’s pouring, also in the hopes that you might step out of your comfort zone and try something new that makes you feel giddy. We discuss the link between body image, body changes and exercise, and how movement can help develop that interoceptive awareness that allows you to tune into those body cues that will help you on this journey to improve your relationship with food.

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