Ep127: Relationship with Food Series Part 2: Riding our Bikes Through our Food Stories

Season #6

In part 2 of our relationship with food series I'm giving you a little exercise that will help so much on this quest to find peace with food. It can be so helpful to look at our past history with food, weight, diets, exercise plans and body image so that we can find the source of our current issues with food and, in a way, find out what was really needed, or what using food as a coping mechanism was trying to cover up. Today we'll discuss emotional eating, mindless eating, the role that restriction can play in our journey with food, and I give you some of my past stories with food along with a wonderful tip that will help you explore your history with food without attaching blame, shame or guilt to what you discover. I also give you a few journalling prompts to help guide the way.

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