Ep126: Relationship with Food Series Part 1: Acceptance of Who We are and Where We are

Season #6

As promised, today we embark upon a new adventure at The Brownble Podcast, the very anticipated "Relationship with Food Series". We’ve talked a lot about our relationship with food and finding healing with it through the process of intuitive eating, through the process of seeing how our consumer habits impact the world we live in (as in merging intuitive eating with being vegan), and through talks on body image and moving away from the dieting cycle many times in our blog and podcast before, but in this particular series we’re going a bit deeper. We’re taking a step back from seeing the consequences, symptoms or the causes of how complicated our relationship with food has become, and we’re going to look it straight in the eye, trying our best to understand it and find the tools that will help us reach a peaceful place with food. It's going to be a fun and very introspective ride and I hope you love it! 

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