Ep83: The Mindfulness Episode!

Season #4

By popular request, it's time to talk about mindfulness and what that practice is all about. We've discussed mindful eating a ton in our podcast and especially in our online program My Brownble, but mindful eating stems from this wonderful larger practice that can help so many different areas of our lives.

In this episode I'll be sharing lots of personal stories including my struggles with anxiety, how I got started with mindfulness, I tell you all about what mindfulness really is, I bust some myths and misconceptions about the practice, and I tell you all about my practice, how mindfulness has changed me and all of the benefits it has brought into my life. I also talk about how to keep up with the practice, the difference between mindfulness and meditation, whether yoga can count as a mindfulness practice, and how to bring this into your day to day life and why that's the goal, not the practice itself. I'll also be sharing some funny stories about my relationship with time, and much more.

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