Ep82: The Exercise Episode!: #nomiles #notime #noapps #justtunes

Season #4

Finally the episode so many of you have asked for! In today's show I talk about what I do for exercise, how my relationship with exercise has changed over the years, and how my philosophy of #nomiles #notime #noapps #justtunes might be just the ticket to finally getting motivated to add regular movement into your life. Exercise is such a great part of self care and well being but we've been looking at it the wrong way for so many years. We've seen it as the means to change our bodies, as a means to achieving weight loss, and even as punishment. I'm here to give you a new perspective today, and to top things off, we're also getting a bit musical today, as I share my running playlist, which is just as weird as I am. I hope you love it and that it inspires you to begin a new relationship to exercise, practicing intuitive movement that comes from a place of joy, not control.

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To start tapping your feet to my running playlist, get it here!