Ep189: Vegan Barbecue: Vegetables that are Delicious on the Grill and How to Prepare Them

Season #8

Just before we say goodbye to summer, there’s always the time and good weather for a bit of last minute grilling. In today’s episode of the podcast I give you some great ideas for having a yummy vegan barbecue, where vegetables shine and are the focal point. These vegetable dishes are so perfect on the grill, and they go great with any other goodies like vegan sausages or burgers that might be tradition, or on their own by pairing a few of them together. They will also impress any guests, introducing them to this concept vegans know well: vegetables can be the main event, once you get to know them. I also give you a killer infused oil preparation that makes any dish pop with flavor, and also works when roasting veggies or other vegan goodies in the oven.

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