Ep196: Our New FREE Online Course Tofu Mastery is Here!

Season #9

We're so happy to present our new and FREE online course Tofu Mastery! In today's quick episode I tell you all about the course and how you can start enjoying it today at no extra cost to you. This is our way of saying a huge THANK YOU! For all your support, all the times you've clicked on a video, all the times you've listened to an episode or purchased any of our courses.

In this course we'll go over all the basics of tofu making, from the different types of tofu and which techniques to use for each one, how to press tofu, freezing tofu for a change in texture, the one technique so many recipes skip when it comes to making tofu delicious, as well as great recipes so you can finally learn how to make tofu taste good! Are you ready to take a look at everything that's included in the course?

You can watch our trailer, check out all the features and course curriculum and enroll for free here, or by visiting Brownble.com