Ep201: Q & A: What Should I do with Non-Vegan Items or Foods if I’ve Decided to go Vegan

Season #9

Today I answer a listener question from a new vegan, on what to do with some of those personal care products, makeup, beauty products, clothes, other personal items or home goods and foods that aren't vegan, once you've decided to make this change. The question "what do I do with my leather boots or jacket after going vegan", or "what do I do with the non-vegan foods I already have in my fridge?", are all addressed in today's episode. Going vegan means quite a few changes when it comes to the better treatment of animals and making more sustainable choices, but today I give you my input on several ways of going about this, all in which the idea of perfection is replaced with making choices and swaps as they feel comfortable, according to your personal circumstances. I share a lot about what this transition was like for me many years ago, we discuss the subconscious (or even conscious) fear of the "vegan police", and more.

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