Ep207: Gabi Maddocks "The Intuitive Vegan" on Intuitive Eating, Intuitive Cooking and Intuitive Thinking as an Ethical Vegan

Season #9

Today we are joined by none other than "The Intuitive Vegan", Gabi Maddocks on the show. Gabi started her instagram account when she became vegan four years ago to keep a record of her own recipes. Over the next year her followers grew and grew - maybe because of her accessible cooking style and her method of quickly snapping the results without any staging. Gabi joins us today to talk about her own journey into veganism, her journey and philosophy of eating, thinking and cooking intuitively, she shares some of her experiences with her diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and managing it through a vegan diet (understanding that medication is also a part of the journey), and she discusses how her veganism has evolved through time. She’s also great at talking about imperfection within veganism, practicing intuitive eating as a vegan, navigating having a mixed eating household with kids, and what I loved the most about our conversation, how thinking for yourself within a movement that often wants to speak for you, can heal your relationship with food, connect you with others, and make you even more compassionate and inspirational. If you've ever asked yourself "can you be a vegan intuitive eater?", today's episode will shed some light as to how to navigate being an intuitive eating vegan when your motivation for being vegan is based on animal welfare and being an ethical vegan.

You can find Gabi on instagram through the handle @the.intuitive.vegan and through her website, as well as her company The Playing Space @theplayingspace on instagram, and through their website.

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