Ep210: Q & A: Missing Non-Vegan Foods, Cravings when Going Vegan and not Seeing Animal Products as Food

Season #9

In today's Q & A episode of the podcast we discuss a common question among both people who are in the transition to a vegan diet, or who have been vegan for a while and are experiencing cravings for meat as a vegan (or cravings for eggs, dairy, fish, etc). It's common to hear from many vegans that non-vegan foods don't feel like food anymore and are therefore not missed when going vegan, but is that the case for everyone? In my experience, there is a whole spectrum of our feelings towards meat, fish, dairy or eggs when we go vegan, and I wanted to open this topic up for discussion today.

In today's episode we also discuss cravings when switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet, where they might be coming from, how to navigate them so that restriction isn't a part of the picture, and we also talk about that quest for perfection or purity in vegan circles, and why you do have autonomy over your food choices. I give you a different perspective on going vegan and having moments in which we accidentally or by decision ate animal products and so much more. We also discuss separating activism and wanting to do our best to help animals and our planet without falling into suffering or martyrdom, and why it's important to be well, physically and emotionally when it comes to food, in order to be a great advocate.

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