This is 40!: A Mini Episode with Life Lessons on Ageing, Joy Beyond Body Image, Cultivating Presence, Detours and Roads Taken

Season #9

Well peeps, it's official! I'm now a 40 year old woman! In today's mini episode, I share some life lessons I've learned through the years. We talk about finding joy beyond body size and how to live your life and find peace in the body you have now. We talk about being more present in your life, both through a mindfulness meditation practice and through developing a gratitude practice. We also talk about a new way of seeing where you've ended up in your life, and the detours you may have taken, as well as how to cultivate those inner spaces of resiliency and self compassion that will truly be there for you when the road gets tough, rather than focusing on what others can see, on dealing with the opinions of others. It's a short one today, but packed with the things I realize more and more as I get older.

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