Ep215: Intuitive Movement Pt. 1: How to Enjoy Exercise with at Home Exercise Programs, Opinions on Popular at Home Workouts, and How to Deal with Triggering Diet Culture Messages within Them, Part 1

Season #9

In this two part episode we'll be diving in deeper into finding a new relationship to exercise through intuitive and joyful movement, and I'll specifically be talking about this in the context of exercising at home, with some of the popular online at home workouts and subscriptions that are out there.

In today's episode we'll get into the topic of shifting our perception of what exercise should be, we'll talk about how to navigate diet culture messages and triggers in exercise programs, how to set boundaries, limits and be responsible for your triggers so that your path to healing a tumultuous relationship with exercise, food and body is the priority, and towards the end I'll share a brief message to all my disabled peeps who might be listening, or anyone who due to illness, injury, recovery from surgery or other health circumstances can't engage in movement. In part 2 coming next week, I'll be taking you down the list of at home workouts I've tried, and how they rate in terms of body diversity, whether they are free or full from diet culture messages, I'll share my favorite classes or trainers in each, and share a few amazing peeps that get gold stars in the intuitive and joyful movement department. If you have always wondered what to do if you hate exercise and working out, this episode is for you.

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