Ep216: Intuitive Movement Pt. 2: How to Enjoy Exercise with at Home Exercise Programs, Opinions on Popular at Home Workouts, and How to Deal with Triggering Diet Culture Messages within Them

Season #9

Today's podcast episode is a part 2 of this series of episodes in which we talk about finding joy in movement and exercise again with at home workouts. In part 1 we talked about how to find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing, what at home workouts can bring to the experience of adding more exercise into your day and routine, as well as how to navigate the diet culture messages present in many of them. Today we will continue expanding on these topics, and I'll share my personal opinion on some of the more popular at home exercise programs out there (both free and paid), how they rate in terms of body diversity among trainers, the presence of diet culture message triggers that could affect someone who is on this journey towards a better relationship with food, intuitive eating, intuitive movement and body neutrality and respect, and more.

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