Ep218: 5 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes and Meal Ideas

Season #9

Today’s episode is a food inspired one, and meant to be a source of inspiration and motivation to prepare some delicious home cooked goodies this week. I was recently going through your answers from our most recent listener survey and among the top favorite episodes listed, one that was very high across the board were the food inspiration and idea episodes, and today we bring you just that! Today I share 5 easy vegan dinner recipes and meal templates to help with inspiration throughout the week. We cover the basics of preparing a delicious shepherd's pie, vegetable and tempeh tacos with salsa verde, a quick stir-fry and the basics of stir-frying noodles, an unusual pasta casserole, pizza night and more tips for cooking more vegan dinners at home, whether you are vegan or you just love cooking with vegetables.

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