Ep219: Excessive Connection, or Excessive Disconnection to Parts of our Bodies: My Experience and Practice with Embodiment

Season #9

Today's episode is further exploration on the topic of embodiment. I share some of my personal experiences when it comes to over focusing on very specific parts of our bodies. Everything I’ll share today is based on my own experience, and not meant to substitute medical or mental health advice, I am simply sharing stories from my own personal explorations in body image work. These have been topics that I’ve taken to my own therapist and have done work on, and they are meant to be examples of how great and healing it can be when we find professional help for past memories, trauma or to find connection with these parts of our bodies, and navigate excessive disconnection to parts of our bodies as well or excessive focus on them. I’ll of course be sharing some great resources that helped me on my journey as well, to hopefully help you find support when healing your relationship and connection to your own body, especially, if like me, the "issues" with your body or body image, have specific parts that come to mind or that you focus on as soon as you look at yourself in the mirror. I also share two wonderful exercises given to me by my two favorite therapists (my own, and my best friend Verena Kacinskis who you've heard on the show in Ep. 200. Today we have a jam packed episode for you filled with personal stories related to my own body image work.

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