Ep. 222: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Start Living your Life

Season #9

In the era of the boss babe, the super mom, the cottage core fairies who churn butter to make pies from scratch in their linen aprons, the wellness influencer, the filters and social media, we have all dug deep into our own voyeuristic nature and it has normalized this compulsion to see what other people’s lives are like, and with that, inevitably compare these lives (always curated) to our own. In recent weeks I've had a few of you write to me in response to some of our most recent episodes on body image and specific body parts, and also about our episodes on intuitive movement, and you've all, in your own words, asked, how do we deal with comparison? I can't seem to stop comparing myself to others, or to a past version of myself. Today I'm going to share a few of the the tools that have helped me through comparison (because yes, we all do it!), we do it with siblings, we do it with our partners, with colleagues, with friends, with frenemies, with influencers, with strangers. Today we'll explore how to stop comparing yourself to others and start living your life, how to navigate social media comparison, body size comparison and our ways of eating, and the importance of developing self compassion, making peace with our past and starting a gratitude practice. I share resources on body image, social comparison, gratitude journaling prompts and more.

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