Ep226: Summer Bookworm 2022!: Favorite Books from September to July and Perfect Beach Reads and Summer Vibe Books

Season #9

It's that time of year again! You know I never finish a season of the podcast without sharing one of my biggest passions with you: books! The summer is the perfect time for bookish fun, and as we do every year, today I'm sharing my favorite reads from the past year (since last summer until early July 2022), and I'll also be sharing some of my favorite, fun and summery books, that are perfect as an escapist read to enjoy by the shore, pool, lake, or wherever you'll hopefully spend some time winding down this summer. We'll be covering everything from great non-fiction books on specific topics like mindfulness, food photography, and improving your relationship with food, to wonderful memoirs and fun novels. I'm going to share some of my all-time favorite summer beach reads that will make you feel your feet are in the sand, regardless of what your plans are. This is a listener favorite episode and I hope you enjoy! All books will be listed below and you'll have easy to access links to online booksellers, but of course, as always, these are just as a reference, support small bookstores when you can, and also enjoy for free through your local library, or listen to them on audio if you enjoy that format more. 

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