[Rebroadcast] Ep143: Cognitive Distortions in Our Relationship with Food and When Being Vegan Part 1

Season #9

Something that can really change the way you live in this world and interact with it, is awareness of what are known as cognitive distortions. This shift in my way of thinking marked a before and after in my life thanks to therapy, but it was even more eye opening when I started to see my relationship with food through this lens. Today we’ll be talking about what cognitive distortions are, what some of the most common ones are, and how these are wildly present in today’s wellness culture, not to mention in our own relationship with food and exercise. We’ll also discuss how by slowly becoming aware that these are popping up for us, we can find our sweet spot when it comes to being vegan or making more vegan choices, so that it doesn’t become a battle against cravings, a battle against others, or a battle against ourselves. We’ll dive into a few of these common cognitive distortions in today’s episode, with more coming up next week in part 2.

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