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[Re-broadcast]: Ep171: Mini Q & A: How do I Avoid Feeling Guilty after Eating Foods I had Previously Avoided Eating

Season #9

In today’s mini Q and A, I answer a question I received from one of our Sams, all about the familiar feelings of guilt around food, especially when we’re trying to improve our relationship with food and have a neutral approach to foods and ingredients we perhaps once labelled as “bad”, “forbidden”, “unhealthy”, “high calorie”, “high carb”, “highly processed”, or whatever the food fear du jour is, all stemming form the wonderful framework that is intuitive eating. Today I answer this question from a very gentle perspective, one that will hopefully help keep these feelings of guilt at bay. Understanding that they don’t serve us in the long run, and explaining how part of this journey to a more neutral place with food and a more gentle approach to eating has two sides to it, one where we tame the loud food police voices we have about certain foods, but one where we must also do the work of taming the perfection police voice within ourselves.

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