[Re-broadcast] Ep179: How to Handle Criticism about the Way you Eat, or Otherwise

Season #9

In today's episode I'm answering a listener question I've received in many different versions through the years, but especially in the past few weeks, how to handle criticism about the way you eat, the way you call certain vegan foods, the way you do animal activism, or how to handle criticism and take it like a champ in general, are topics that all of us have to deal with one way or another. Today I give you some support in this regard, I share some stories on criticism in the age of social media and what having a YouTube channel has taught me. I also share my top two mindset tips for dealing with critiques or negative comments, and extracting whatever tiny nugget of wisdom might be within them, and which part to leave out, without feeling hurt or defensive. It's a short and fun one and I hope you love it!

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