[Re-broadcast] Ep200: Clinical Psychologist and Researcher Verena Kacinskis on the Wounds Behind Perfectionism: Our 200th Episode!

Season #9

In today's episode, our 200th and the first of 2022, we have one of my favorite people on this planet as a special guest. My best friend, clinical psychologist Verena Kacinskis is with us to talk about the wounds behind perfectionism, psychological defence mechanisms and what they are, whether perfectionism works as a distraction or a way to control. Verena shares how perfectionism begins to appear in her life and how to catch herself before it takes root (list makers, you're going to LOVE this story), as well as how to come down from a spiral of perfectionism when we're in it. We talk about whether there is ever a prize at the end of the tunnel with perfectionism, and we get to peel the layers of the onion, talking about the deep wound that is at the center of most human suffering.

Verena Kacinskis is a clinical psychologist and researcher. For the past 13 years, she has been integrating the concepts and techniques from Psychology and a healthcare system called BodyTalk, seeking to deepen and expand therapeutic results for her patients. Currently, she has been splitting her time between seeing patients and developing content to both educate and encourage self-observation, always with the premise of sharing resources that people can use in their own internal organization processes.

For all the links to Verena's work and the resources mentioned in today's podcast, click here or visit brownble.com/blog