[Re-broadcast]: Ep202: Simon the Flight Attendant on Life Up in the Air, Airline Travel Tips for Vegans, Healing from Anxiety and Burnout, and Finding the Calm within Yourself

Season #9

Today's guest on the podcast is International flight attendant and on board manager for one of the world's largest airlines, and my friend, Simon.

Today he shares his stories of becoming an International flight attendant at age 19 (cabin crew for all our UK listeners and readers), what it's like to live life "up in the air" style, and he gives us all his best tips and tricks for flying in commercial airlines as vegans, answering a question about vegan air travel by one of our Sams. We discuss what foods we can take past airport security, how to find delicious vegan meals wherever you are in the world, and all things vegan travel. Simon also talks about his battle with anxiety and depression, body image struggles in an industry with a high pressure to look a certain way in uniform, having to navigate burnout in an industry and job he loves with a passion, and the importance of setting boundaries and finding inner calm to stay grounded (peeps, he's one of the most incredible boundary setters I've ever known and I learn from him daily!). We talk self care, seeking help when needed to support our mental health, the importance of demystifying and destigmatizing SSRI's and more.

Our friendship has meant so much to me and started as an email exchange when he found Brownble online, but it has now been years of sharing some of the most personal stories and life lessons, because as you'll learn through this conversation, Simon brings authenticity, vulnerability, compassion and openness to the table, each and every time we talk.

You can connect with Simon via Twitter here, and check out all the links and resources mentioned in today's episode here.