[Re-broadcast]: Ep212: Finding the Joy in Movement and Exercise Again, and How to Find Enjoyable Workouts with Special Guest Sam Anthony

Season #9

In today’s episode of the podcast I have such a special guest joining me to talk about finding a style of movement that is all about the joy. If you've ever said the words "I hate working out", "I hate going to the gym", "I hate exercise", "I hate cardio", "I hate working out at home", this episode is for you. Today’s episode is less interview style, and more so a conversation between friends, where we both talk about the movement loves of our lives, how to enjoy exercise, how to practice intuitive movement without focusing on weight or numbers, and how to find an exercise you enjoy. 

You’ll hear some stories of mine you’ve never heard on the podcast before, and Sam will inspire you with a quite unusual coming of age when it comes to movement, and she shares how finding an activity that involves some kind of mental puzzle, can add extra benefits to the experience. We talk about a process oriented mindset vs a goal oriented one, the place community has in what type of exercise we choose and how you can start finding that form of movement that will make you hop or even better, skip to it. I also had a BIG surprise for Sam, one she wasn’t expecting, and which I reveal in the first few minutes of the show. We also discuss incorporating movement for your mental health, finding enjoyable workouts that can help you stay active without it being about discomfort or shoulds, and finding your very own brand of joyful exercise.

Sam Anthony is a travel writer and editor. She's also been an archaeologist, full time house sitter, travel blogger, and podcaster! Originally from New York, she lived in Spain for 3 years and was nomadic for another 3 years before finding a home base in Buffalo, New York. While she’s always loved being active, it was during the pandemic that she began to really connect with movement as a way to stay balanced and support positive mental and emotional health.

Connect with Sam on Instagram: @theroadgoesforeveron

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