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Ep237: Cognitive Dissonance: Exploring the Psychological Barriers to Change and Our Relationship with Food

Season #10

In this episode of The Brownble Podcast, we delve into the fascinating concept of cognitive dissonance and how it relates to veganism, our relationship with food, habit changes and more.

We'll explore the psychological discomfort that arises when our beliefs and actions don't align and how this can bring up challenges when attempting any changes that are so deeply linked to our value systems (veganism and our love of animals is one example but not the only one we discuss in this episode). We'll also discuss strategies for overcoming cognitive dissonance and making the shift towards a more ethical and sustainable way of eating, a kinder way to view imperfections or stumbles, a kinder way to view our bodies and improve our relationship with food and exercise by leaving restriction and obsession out of the picture (yes this is even possible as vegans!), and more. Whether you're a vegan looking to understand your own thought processes or a curious observer interested in psychology and social change, this episode is sure to offer valuable insights and practical tips for moving forward as well.

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