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Ep239: Dealing with Social Pressures and Expectations as Vegans: Meal Perfectionism, Weight Loss, Having a Specific Body Type & More

Season #10

In today's podcast episode and video I talk about some of the pressures vegans often feel when making this change, some coming from external expectations of how vegans should or shouldn't eat, how they should and shouldn't look, and many coming from our own internal expectations based on what we've seen around us. We discuss the pressure to lose weight, have a certain body size, expectations when it comes to what our meals will look like, pressures when it comes to the appearance of our skin, our hair, never getting sick, how we age, and a few others. I share an important reminder of the most important aspect that should be front and center when making this change, and I give you some insights on why we feel these pressures, and what to do about them.

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