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Ep241: Unlearning Diet Culture: Can We Eat Intuitively and Remain Vegan?

Season #10

Last week I left an open question in episode 240, and today, I share my answer and resources for it: "Can we practice intuitive eating and be vegan?". After discussing the differences between mindful eating and intuitive eating last week, and explaining the role that diet culture plays in our relationship with food, today we discuss whether that intersection between veganism and intuitive eating is possible. I share the changes I've seen within the vegan movement and community and why dieting messages are rampant within it. I talk about an important question you can ask yourself to get to the motivation behind food choices, and share lots of resources to help you navigate any ethics based preference such as being vegetarian or vegan with a framework that can help you find true peace with food, help you find health supportive behaviors while still saying goodbye to dieting and diet culture. I hope you love today's episode!

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