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Hi! Welcome to Brownble!


We're a husband and wife team, and we created Brownble to teach you how to cook delicious vegan food, reintroduce you to vegetables, and revamp your cooking to help you get back in the kitchen creating delicious meals that everyone will love, and we're going to do it all with plants. Yup! And in HD video! We also love to write about finding balance in our plates and in life, making peace with food so that things become fun and simple in the kitchen again. I (Kim) write the blog and record the podcast and I'm sharing part of my story and the reason we created Brownble here (baby pics included! Yikes!).


So who are we anyway?

Carlos is as full of surprises as anyone I've ever met, he's both a medical doctor with a thriving practice and a mean singer/guitarist, he's super techie and you’d never guess from his white lab coat that he has opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or that he knows a ton about filming, lighting, editing, graphic and web design, are you tired yet? Oh yeah, one more thing, other than popping things on a grill, he can’t cook to save his life!

That’s where I come in...

I'm Kim and the first fun fact about me is that I'm married to this guy up here. I'm a teacher, a certified plant-based cook, and I spend so much time in our kitchen that Carlos up there installed a TV in our kitchen so I wouldn't miss my favorite shows. You can read more about my personal story and the reason we created Brownble here

We’re both vegan and we’re the creators of Brownble, the My Brownble Online Program, The Roadmap, and many other programs and courses.

We almost forgot! we're the proud parents of these cuties (who think that's the most important fact of all!).






- I'm a total clutz, spazz, call it what you want. Glasses don't survive in our house more than two weeks thanks to me.

- I can watch the same movie a thousand times.

- If I could marry a food it would be popcorn.

- Guacamole should be a food group. Enough said... Same goes for peanut butter.

- I'm a total rock & roll fan, with an additional and unnatural obsession with banjos.

- I'm a teacher and an avid reader ( - some would say book obsessed - and a bookstore is my happy place).

- The Shins are my favorite band on this planet. Followed by about 50 others.

- I have professional plant-based cooking certification, but I learned almost everything I know from my uncle, who worked in a sandwich shop in NYC but knew everything you need to know about French cooking, and could cook with his eyes closed.

- I'm married to the coolest guy on this planet.

- I profoundly love our dogs, and all animals.

- I profoundly love humans and the way our minds work, which is why I'm also currently a psychology student on the long journey of one day becoming a therapist and helping you even more with your relationship with food and body.

- I am the girl in front of the camera.


- I believe all world wisdom is found in Seinfeld.

- If I could marry a food it would be chocolate. Or stuff dipped in chocolate.

- I'm the brownble official recipe taster (not to be confused with tester -that's Kim's arena-,  I mean I taste the food).

- I sing. I write songs. I play the guitar.

- I'm in a rock & roll band.

- I'm a medical doctor and I love it, but I'd switch to music in a heartbeat.

- I dunk my vegan donuts.

- Nirvana is my favorite band, followed closely by the Foo Fighters.

- I'm a tech nut. I light, film and edit everything we do at Brownble.

- I can watch 20 soccer matches in a row. I am a Madridista!

- I married the coolest girl on this planet.

- I love all dogs and animals too, but mine are freakin' awesome!

- I am the guy behind the camera.



- If you come to our house you will be fed, period.

- We plan all our vacations based on concert locations.

- There's always music playing at our house.

- We are TV junkies and had a tantrum when Lost and Breaking Bad went bye bye.

- We love going to the movies and popcorn is a must.

- We're obsessed with 'The Goonies' and have a gi-normous poster of the film in our living room. 

- We once drove across Florida to follow the band Weezer around, just to go to one more show.

- We got married in a garden under a tree. Our wedding song was 'Next Year' by the Foo Fighters.

- Our honeymoon was a road trip up and down the California coast... BEST... TRIP... EVER!

- We have three kids we love. Yes, they are furry. Yes, they are dogs.

- We are the co-creators of Brownble and these babies within it.

- We respect all forms of eating, and we welcome all eaters in this space who want to add more plant goodness into their plates and lives.