Interviews from The Brownble Podcast: Clinical Psychologist Verena Kacinskis on Grief and Grieving after Loss, Separation or Endings (Part 2)

Welcome everyone, to part 2 of this two part episode on grief and the process of grieving with special guest clinical psychologist and researcher Verena Kacinskis, my dear friend, and who to this day has some of the most downloaded episodes in our podcast’s history.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend listening to last week’s episode which was part 1 on grief and grieving, that’s episode 229, because Verena explains so much about the stages of grief and we both share some of the things that have helped us when we’ve been grieving, as well as some of the foundations of what grief means, what it feels like, and the importance of letting yourself sit in that place rather than resisting or denying it.


In today's episode, part 2, we talk about:

  • Other forms of grief and grieving, including:

  • Grieving during a separation, divorce, or when going through a breakup.

  • Grief when dealing with the empty nest or retirement.

  • The loss of a friendship or estrangement from family members

  • Grieving the loss of a job or career.

  • The loss of any kind of dream or life path we didn’t get to go through like grieving not being pregnant or becoming a parent, of finding a long-term partner, or any dream that hasn’t come to pass.

  • Grief and the process of grieving the loss of a dog or a pet.

  • The gifts and invitations that come with grief.

  • How to deal with the difficult moments during grief or mourning like the moment of remembering first thing in the morning, and other special times of day.

  • The best books and podcasts on grief and grieving.

  • How to support someone who is grieving.


My hope is that these two episodes, and with this one, the last of season 9, you feel that there’s a hand extended to you in this moment of loss, that you feel less alone, that if you are not grieving but have someone you love who is, you can be the biggest source of support for them.

Verena Kacinskis is a clinical psychologist and researcher. For the past 13 years, she has been integrating the concepts and techniques from psychology and a healthcare system called BodyTalk, seeking to deepen and expand therapeutic results for her patients.

Currently, she has been splitting her time between seeing patients and developing content to both educate and encourage self-observation, always with the premise of sharing resources that people can use in their own internal organization processes.

You can connect with verena through her website  and through her instagram page @verenakacinskis. She is one of the most insightful, professional, dedicated, sensitive and wonderful people I know, I am so grateful to have her in my life and so grateful you get to meet her in today's conversation if you haven't before.

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