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What if I can’t do it all? Vegan Diets, Plant Based Diets, Flexitarian, Pescatarian, What do they all Mean and Where to Start?

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a vegan, a vegetarian, a flexitarian or a pescatarian? What about the difference between a vegan diet, a plant based diet or a plant forward diet? Welcome to our latest podcast episode where we explore the world of all the diets that are trying to reduce or eliminate animal products. Today we'll dive deep into each of them and explain their differences, similarities, and why imperfection is part of the process of making more plant based choices or going vegan. We'll also be taking a closer look at the full definition of veganism, and I give you my perspective on how we need to reframe the way we judge ourselves when making a choice that wasn't "perfect", and why there are more and more of these labels than ever before, when it comes to eating in this way. Whether you're curious about these diets and ways of eating or just looking to learn more, this episode is the perfect place to start. Join us as we discuss veganism from a different perspective, and I give you an important question to ask yourself when incorporating more plants into your diet, so that the changes last and are sustainable.

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