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Emotional Changes you Might Experience when Switching to a Vegan Diet

In last week’s episode and post I talked a lot about the physical changes or common vegan side effects you might experience when going vegan, and today we are again talking about those initial days, weeks or months as a new vegan when it comes to emotional changes you might go through, whether or not it's normal to experience difficult emotions, sadness or anxiety when you first switch to a plant based diet.

There are so many resources when it comes to our health and some of those physical changes one might go through, we hear endless talks about improvements in bloodwork, changes in digestive health, among others, but going vegan is a big shift when it comes to your eating habits, especially when it revolves around the relationships that fill your life, as well as making sure the new diet is satisfying, fulfilling and enjoyable for you.

Today we’re going to tackle those emotional aspects of making this change, and with each one I’ll share my top tips to help you navigate anything that needs a little course correction.

For additional resources check out the show notes for this episode.

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