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Frequently Asked Questions about Veganism and Vegan Diets, Part 1

In today's post and podcast episode, part 1 of a two part series, I’ll be talking about some of those frequently asked vegan questions we get, and the tips and resources that have helped so many of you and that helped me on my journey into veganism. Our answers to these will not only help you on your journey, but they might help you be able to answer the many questions you’ll get as you share with people that you’ve embarked upon this change.

Today we'll cover the first 9 questions with everything from “”what do vegans eat?” “where do vegans get protein and other nutrients?”, "are vegan meats safe to eat?", “how to build a healthy and balanced vegan meal”, “why don’t vegans eat dairy and eggs?”, questions related to calcium, omega 3s, iron and vitamin B12. We talk about whether or not a vegan diet is difficult to maintain, and more. In some I'll give you a brief rundown, and in others, I'll also be linking to videos, other posts and resources that tackle these topics in depth. That way you can find the question you've been wondering about the most, and get all the information you need.

For additional resources check out the show notes for this episode.

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