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Frequently Asked Questions about Veganism and Vegan Diets, Part 2

Today's podcast episode is part 2 of our series on some of the most common questions vegans get asked, and some of the most common questions vegans have when they first make this change. In this installment I’ll be answering the questions “can anyone be vegan (is it safe for athletes, pregnancy, and raising infants and kids)?”, “is a vegan diet possible for people who have struggled with an eating disorder or are in recovery?” “Is a vegan diet safe if I have an underlying medical condition?”, “isn’t it okay to source your meat, dairy and eggs from cage free, free range facilities or more sustainable farms?”, “isn’t it true that animals still die in the growing and production of plant based products or agricultural production?”, “is a vegan diet more expensive?” “do I need special ingredients or equipment to eat a vegan diet?”, and “aren’t we supposed to eat meat? We’ve been doing it for centuries!” 

Enjoy today's episode!

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