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How to Get Started with a Plant-Based or Vegan Diet

In today’s post and episode I’ll be sharing some beginner tips, suggestions and practices that can be helpful when you’re first getting started on this journey to eating more plants, to going vegan, to making as many plant-based choices and animal friendly choices as you can.

It’s important to remember that veganism, or the choice to go vegan extends well beyond the plate. If you’ve listened to our previous episodes you know that I always bring it back to the animals, because it was my own motivation for making this change, and so for me, going vegan encompassed so much more than just switching ingredients, it was about seeing all my consumer habits and a way of seeing all my actions through the filter of wanting to help animals in the best way I could. The food however, was and I believe still is the main focus point and sticking point for most people, since it’s not only a part of our day, but also the place where our Venn diagram will collide most often with that of our loved ones. It’s the activity most of us share most often with the people around us, and it’s also where we have to make the most purchasing decisions.

Although veganism isn’t only about the food, when people I know in real life, or our students ask us for support, it’s always in relation to the food and experiences with others where food is present. It's on tips around food and eating where I'll be focusing on today, as well as an important one on surrounding yourself with support, and one where we'll be fine tuning our reason why we're making this change and why it's crucial for success.

Enjoy today's episode!

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