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When Your Partner isn’t Vegan: Vegans and Omnivores in Relationships, Dating Non Vegans & How to Keep the Peace at Home (Part 1)

In today's episode we're going to start tackling all the ins and outs of being vegan and in a relationship with someone who isn’t vegan. Although I’ll be mostly focusing on romantic relationships as this is the area where people struggle the most, all of the tips I’ll be sharing can apply to all our social and family relationships as well. We're going to talk about some of the most common concerns, and I'll give you some tips for living with an omnivore after going vegan. We're going to talk about shopping, prepping, planning, cooking, going out, your in-laws and even raising kids, a BIG one. I’ll also talk about the biggest emotional boulder when it comes to how we view the habits of our omnivore loved ones and why this is often where we get stuck. We’ll cover some of the basics and some practical tips today in part 1, and additional tips, plus an exercise you might find helpful in our next episode, part 2.

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