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A Vegan Friendly Thanksgiving or Christmas Celebration Pt 1: Kitchen Hacks and Tricks for Making Traditional Holiday Favorites Vegan

It’s that time of year folks! Today I’m starting what will be a series of episodes on spending Thanksgiving, Christmas or any Holiday you partake in where lots of food is served and lots of family is gathering. It’s a common time for questions to come up among new vegans (even seasoned vegans), and since it’s an emotionally charged time for most (as in the Holiday Season makes you hyperventilate with all the excitement if you’re someone like me), all the tips shared will be helpful for many other occasions as well. In part 1 today, we’ll be covering the culinary and food aspects with tons of tips for delicious holiday cooking, and in our next episode, some of the deeper, more internal issues that can come up during the Holiday season. My goal is that if you love the holiday season you can engage in all the traditions that make your loved ones a clan, that you can enjoy all your favorite foods in their vegan versions and have a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or any other celebration into a delicious and relaxing, family filled occasion.

I'll cover culinary hacks, how to add a Holiday vibe to anything you're making this time of year, share some delicious vegan Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes and more.

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