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"Why Vegan" Series: Veganism and your Health, the Benefits of Going Vegan or Following a Plant Based Diet

One of our most downloaded series in the podcast is back! Our "Why Vegan" series is meant to give you all the information on why so many people are switching to a plant-based diet and a vegan lifestyle. Newly updated, revamped, including new information and data, all in the hopes that it continues to inspire you, or it serves to arm you with information and knowledge on some of these issues, or it serves as a great place to point people to who have questions and want an opener into these topics. We’ll be covering, the reasons why people go vegan when it comes to health (today’s episode), the environment, animals, our fellow humans, and an unexpected one that happened at least for me, going vegan and how it brought so many benefits to my relationship with food and body.

Today we'll be covering the evidence and link between vegan diets and health outcomes when it comes to some of the most common chronic diseases, I'll guide you to the scientific evidence and professionals who do such a great job at giving us or helping us understand the science behind dietary patterns. I'll talk a bit about my own journey and I'll share an important side of the equation (perhaps more than statistics in public health), that you should focus on when making the transition to a plant-based diet. We also talk about another important aspect of health on an individual and a more global scale that is closely linked to the farming of animals and more. If you've been wondering "is it safe and healthy to eat a vegan diet?" "will I get all the nutrients I need on a vegan diet?" or "will a plant-based diet help my health"?, we cover it all in this episode.

This one is jam packed with great resources and information, so don't forget to check out the show notes here, or visit our blog at