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"Why Vegan" Series: Veganism and the Animals Pt. 2 Fish

We’re back with another podcast episode of our “Why Vegan” series, newly revamped and updated, exploring the reasons why making more vegan choices, and of course going vegan, can have such a positive impact in the world we live in. In this series on the benefits of eating a vegan diet we've covered the impact on our health, the environment and finally we've reached the reason I made this change over a decade ago, the animals.

In our last installment we talked about meat, and how our food choices impact the animals raised for its production. In today’s episode which is again all about the animals used for food, we’ll talk about fish and other sea animals.

It’s such a common question, “why don’t vegans eat fish, or prawns, shellfish or other seafood?”. Today I do my best to answer this question, specifically in regards to the animals.

We have this image of fish living in freedom until they’re caught, then going through a quick and less painful death than other animals killed for their meat. For other people, it’s also hard to see fish as they do mammals, or even birds. Today we’ll talk about fish, and I’ll share the research and information that helped me make up my mind when I went vegan, when I also had these prior beliefs, deciding that I would finally leave fish and other sea animals out of my plate.

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