Melt Online Course

Learn How to Make Vegan Cheese at Home


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Melt Online Course

Learn How to Make Vegan Cheese at Home


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Melt is an online course designed to teach you how to make dairy free cheese at home, all in video format, and in the simplest, most approachable way


Main features

6 Modules

42 lessons including: 

  •  19 recipes for the best vegan cheeses and cheesy dishes
  • Lessons on the basics of how to make dairy free cheese at home
  •  Quick reference videos
  •  Everything you need to know to make cultured and aged non dairy cheeses
  •  Troubleshooting videos with the most frequently asked questions & more

Video Approach

Watch the step by step process:  

  •  All lessons are taught in beautiful HD video
  • See every step of the cheesemaking process so you know what to expect and have an easy follow-through formula
  • Written PDF recipes for every cheese and dish to print or save to your computer or mobile devices

Tons of Recipes

19 step by step video recipes including: 

  •  Delicious vegan cheeses that everyone will love
  •  Bonus videos with additional recipes or components to serve or accompany them
  •  Aged vegan cheeses
  •  Cultured cheeses with all the cheesy flavor that comes out of fermentation
  •  Cheeses with firm rinds and a bloomy rind like the most delicious vegan camembert
  •  Plant-based cheese recipes for entertaining
  •  Desserts & more

The Cheeses

New York Style Vegan Cheesecake made from Cashews and Macadamia Nuts

Vegan Camembert Cashew Cheese

Vegan Cream Cheese

Herbed Dairy Free Cream Cheese

Fresh Vegan Mozzarella Cheese (Burrata Style)

Melty Vegan Mozzarella Perfect for Pizza

Aged Peppery Truffle Cashew Cheese

Vegan Caprese Salad

Aged Crackle Cheese: A Vegan Parmesan Style Cheese Recipe

Creamy and Cheesy Vegan Fondue

Fondue Dipping Goodies

Vegan “Queso Telita”: Venezuelan Cloth Cheese

Instant Melty Vegan Nacho Cheese

Kim’s Massive Vegan Nacho Platter Recipe

Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Non-Dairy Cheese

“Rulo”: Chèvre Style Vegan Goat Cheese

Vegan Mascarpone Style Cheese

Vegan Tiramisu

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We give you ongoing support 


  •  Ask any questions you have in the comment boxes below each video and get personalized support from the instructor.
  •  Ask for ingredient substitutions or troubleshoot at any time.
  •  We help you learn how to time and plan your new vegan cheesemaking hobby so that you always have delicious vegan cheeses in progress.

Take it wherever you go 

  •  The course can be enjoyed through any device
  •   Beautiful HD videos
  •   Use with any browser or through the Kajabi app right on your phone

Course Content


Start here  

  • Welcome to the course


The Basics 

  • Terms and steps
  • Ingredients
  • Equipment 
  • Safety 
  • Unwanted molds


The Cheeses 

  • Macadamia Cream Cheese 
  • Macadamia Cream Cheese - Bonus: Herbed Cream Cheese 
  • Fresh Mozzarella Vegan Burrata Cheese
  • Fresh Mozzarella - Bonus: Simple and Delicious Caprese Salad or Mini Caprese Skewers
  • Peppery Truffle Cheese
  • Melty Mozzarella
  • Aged Crackle Cheese - Our Delicious Alternative to Parmesan
  • Cheesy Fondue
  • Cheesy Fondue - Bonus: Fondue Dipping Goodies
  • "Telita": Venezuelan Cloth Cheese
  • "Telita": Venezuelan Cloth Cheese - Bonus: Serving It
  • Instant Melty Nacho Cheese
  • Instant Melty Nacho Cheese - Bonus: Kim's Massive Nacho Platter
  • Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Macadamia Cheese
  • "Rulo" (Chèvre Style No-Goat Cheese)
  • Camembert Style Cheese
  • New York Style Cheesecake
  • Mascarpone Style Cheese
  • Mascarpone Style Cheese - Bonus: Tiramisú


Quick reference videos

  • Fermentation Times
  • Curing + Ageing Times
  • Fermentation Temperatures



  • What if the fermentation time is up and I'm not home?
  • What if the fermentation time is up and I'm not ready to continue with the process of the cheese (heating it, incorporating new ingredients or placing it in my mold)?
  • What if I have bubbles or clear bits in my cheese mixture when using agar agar?
  • What if my cheese has developed mold in the fermentation bowl?
  • What if my cheese with agar agar or carrageenan didn't solidify?
  • What if I want my fresh mozzarella style balls to be creamier, or firmer?
  • What if my raw cashews have an off-putting smell when I open the package, or in spite of having done the fermentation process correctly my cheese has an off putting smell similar to rancid nuts?
  • What if my cheese isn't fermenting?
  • What if I can't find raw cashews or raw macadamia nuts?
  • How do I clean my blender?
  • How do I clean my pot after heating cheeses with carrageenan?


You did it! 

  • Final Thoughts and Tips
  • The Making of Melt
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This program is for you if... 


  • You want to learn how to make vegan cheese that tastes tangy, rich and delicious.
  •  You can’t consume dairy due to health reasons and miss the taste, texture and all the recipes you used to make and would like a dairy free cheese alternative that you can make right at home.
  •  You’re vegan and want to expand your culinary repertoire, add variety and new delicious meals to the mix, not to mention develop a whole new artisanal hobby.
  •  You’re a beginner cook OR an advanced cook. Vegan cheesemaking is a skill all on its own and we’ll teach you everything you need to know. No prior cooking experience required.
  •  No matter how you eat right now, if you're curious about developing new skills in which dairy free cheese is the main event, you'll get so much out of this course.

Who is this program not for?


  • This course is not for the vegan police or the food police.
  •  We're all about a non-restrictive, zero judgement approach where we respect the journey each person wants to go through. We're all about inclusivity and respect for each other no matter how we eat right now.
  •  This course is also not for you if you don't have access to a kitchen or an internet connection.
  •  Most of our cheeses use cashew nuts and/or macadamia nuts, so we wouldn't recommend the course to anyone who has a nut allergy.

What you'll need


You'll need an internet connection, and a device with access to it. Our course can be enjoyed through your computer, phone, or tablet.

One must-have piece of equipment is a blender.

A high-powered or high-speed blender will make the job really easy but it isn't necessary. Any blender strong enough to blend softened cashews will do. We recommend blenders over 1400W in power.

Other tools needed are things you probably already have in your kitchen or that can be easily found in your local supermarket, kitchen supply store or online. 

If at any point a video showcases a piece of equipment you don’t currently have in your kitchen, I’ll be right there to give you alternatives when possible.

So Who are We Anyway?

Just in case we haven’t met before, I’m Kim. I’m a teacher, a certified plant based cook, and together with my partner in crime, my husband Carlos, doctor (MD) and online tech/filming fanatic, we created “My Brownble”. An online program designed to be your total sidekick in and out of the kitchen.

We're on a mission to help people get back in the kitchen, cook delicious vegan meals, while falling in love with the simplicity of food and cooking again.

We've been helping our students on their journey to veganism or to making more vegan choices for many years now, both from a culinary perspective and also from a lifestyle perspective, making many online vegan courses to give you all the support and tools you need.

We want to inspire you, motivate you and teach you how to go on this journey without additional restriction, without a sense of purity or perfection, and where missteps are welcome and part of the process.

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This is what our students are saying...



"Just finished watching the whole course and wow, what spectacular results you have achieved. The final products look absolutely amazing. Thanks for your tireless efforts in fulfilling our universal desire for CHEEEESE. Keep up the great work. Regards from Adelaide, Australia."



"I just have to share this! I am making the aged Crackle Cheese and have been tasting it every week (so far 2 weeks). This morning when I tasted it I cut off a taste for my carnivore husband. His comment was "This would be a great addition to a Charcuterie board". Amazingly good cheese!"



"I decided to make your nachos recipe. I was a little concerned about using nutritional yeast, as I find an aftertaste with the product in some recipes, but I gave it a go. It was absolutely delicious! My family enjoyed it so much, as did I, and like you said in your video about getting requests to make them, my daughter has already requested I make them again."



“Thanks to you going vegan is so much more fun. Sometimes on the web you are so overwhelmed with info and having a place of reference and most of all the explanation of the why and why nots make this course foolproof."



"I made this (vegan cheesecake) for Christmas and it was a huge hit for both vegans and non-vegans!!!! Delicious 😋"



"Such a comprehensive course and love the attention to detail. Thank you for everything you guys do!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a course like Melt

“For years I've been trying the vegan cheese recipes that are out there and although some were good, they didn't really have the sharpness or tanginess of cheese.

Most are firmed up versions of cashew cream with additions like salt and lemon juice for flavor, which in my opinion, isn't what we're looking for when we want something cheesy.

For vegan cheese to have that cheesy flavor it needs to go through the process traditional cheesemaking takes you through.

There needs to be fermentation and culturing.

There needs to be curing and ageing for those lovely rinds to form.

I'll teach you how to become a vegan cheesemaker by taking your cheeses through a process that is very similar to what dairy-based cheeses go through, only with my own simplified method.

This also means no thermometers or multiple heatings needed.

No rejuvelac that takes days to make.

It's as easy as adding one special ingredient and following the steps to make the most delicious vegan cheese wheels that actually taste amazing."


Kim Sujovolsky - Co-founder and your instructor for the course

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