My Brownble

Vegan Cooking and Lifestyle Online Program

  • 400+ Vegan Recipes
  • Tips on Going Vegan
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • New Content Every Week!
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My Brownble

Vegan Cooking and Lifestyle Online Program

  • 400+ Vegan Recipes
  • Tips on Going Vegan
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • New Content Every Week!
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My Brownble is a video-based online membership program with an ever-growing library of vegan recipes, kitchen hacks, batch cooking sessions, tips on going vegan and much more.


It’s similar to streaming platforms in which you enjoy your favorite movies or tv shows, only this time, it’s all about vegan cooking classes, vegan recipes, going vegan tips and support lessons, with hundreds of videos to choose from and study at your own pace, from the comfort of home.

450+ Videos

New videos every week!

  • Vegan recipes
  • Support on going vegan
  • Support on improving your relationship with food
  • Kitchen tips
  • Batch cooking 
  • Vegan lifestyle
  • Pantry staples
  • Quick fixes
Unlimited streaming on any device.(1)

100% Vegan

We’ll cook everything:

  • Breakfast & brunch
  • Main dishes
  • Desserts
  • Gluten free
  • Kid friendly
  • World cuisine
  • Holiday recipes
Take a Look at the Recipes Included in the Program

Vegan Recipes


Through the video lessons we'll teach you the step by step process of making more vegan meals and recipes at home:

  • Simple to intermediate recipes with easy to find ingredients
  • Vegan breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner ideas
  • Vegan snack ideas
  • Basic vegan cooking techniques and kitchen tips
  • Vegan meal prep videos
  • Quick fix meals that require no measuring and that are foolproof ways of assembling meals on fast paced days
  • Vegan holiday recipes
  • Getting organized in the kitchen to make your life easier throughout the week

You'll also find a written version for every single recipe in a PDF format, that you can download and save to your computer and/ or print and add to your recipe binders at home.

Support on going vegan

Because My Brownble is meant to be a one-stop shop for your daily cooking and eating, and because food is never just about the food, we also have sections within the program dedicated to bringing you support in:

The social aspects of being vegan
Gaining confidence as a vegan and answering difficult questions
Sharing your life and meals with non-vegan friends and family
The messy parts of going vegan and living in a non-vegan world

Support on improving your relationship with food


In one of our students' favorite sections of the program, we give you support in making peace with food:

  • Beginning a practice of attuned and mindful eating
  • Reconnecting with your own internal signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction.
  • Great tools and resources for making peace with food and your body.
  • Finding your own path through this journey into making more vegan choices, allowing for imperfection, and always helping you find the place that is right for you, no matter how you identify as an eater.

What you'll find inside the program

Inside our online program different sections await, and YOU decide what you’d like to watch and learn from that day.

These include: 

  • Our Recently Added section: see what has been uploaded in recent weeks.
  • The All Recipes section: this is where the bulk of our cooking classes lie, organized in individual categories like mains, sides, desserts, breakfast and brunch, soups, dips, dressings and sauces, as well as quick fixes and snacks. Each lesson will provide you with the video, written and printable recipe.
  • Our Gluten Free, Easy Everyday Recipes and Holiday Meals sections for easy access.
  • Our Support and Advice section: direct to camera videos on improving your relationship with food, support on your vegan journey and more.
  •  Our In the Kitchen section: kitchen specific tools, techniques and support, batch cooking or meal prep videos, lessons on basic cooking techniques explained, countless kitchen tips and hacks, and our getting organized series.
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Who is this program for?


  • It's for anyone who wants to learn how to make more vegan recipes or meals, even if they don't identify as vegan.
  • It's for anyone who is vegan and wants to expand their culinary repertoire and add variety and new delicious meals to the mix.
  • It’s for new vegans who want to expand their culinary knowledge and find support.
  • It’s for anyone who has tried veganism before, and perhaps did it through an approach that was too limiting, restrictive, and hit some roadblocks.
  • No matter how you eat right now, if you're curious about developing new skills and having a streaming library of recipes to choose from, in which vegetables are the main characters, and you wish to find a more peaceful place with food and eating, you'll get so much out of this program.

Who is this program not for? 

This course is not for you if you don't have access to a kitchen or an internet connection.

It is also part of our philosophy to respect the journey each person wants to go through, so we ask all of our students to be respectful of each other, in order to maintain the wonderful and supportive community we've always had within the program. It is not about perfection, but about positive steps forward.

What you'll need


To enjoy the content in our program and all the vegan cooking tutorials, you'll need an internet connection, and a device with access to it. Our course can be enjoyed through your computer, phone, or tablet.

You’ll also need access to a kitchen and all your basic kitchen tools. If at any point a video showcases a piece of equipment you don’t currently have in your kitchen, I’ll be right there to give you alternatives and you’ll of course have countless other videos to choose from. 

So Who are We Anyway?

Just in case we haven’t met before, I’m Kim. I’m a teacher, a certified plant based cook, and together with my partner in crime, my husband Carlos, doctor (MD) and online tech/filming fanatic, we created “My Brownble”. An online program designed to be your total sidekick in and out of the kitchen.

We're on a mission to help people get back in the kitchen, cook delicious vegan meals, while falling in love with the simplicity of food and cooking again.

We've been helping our students on their journey to veganism or to making more vegan choices for many years now, both from a culinary perspective and also from a lifestyle perspective, making many online vegan courses to give you all the support and tools you need.

We want to inspire you, motivate you and teach you how to go on this journey without a sense of purity or perfection, and where missteps are welcome and part of the process.

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This is what our students are saying...



"This program has been an absolute game changer for me, I honestly can't thank you enough. Your videos are so sincere and approachable and have given me all the tools I need to eat a healthy vegan diet and break free from emotional eating and body insecurities. My only regret is that I didn't find this program sooner!"



"Love it all and I am so appreciative that I found your amazing work, thank you! I made an all Brownble New Year's Eve dinner for non-vegans (except me) and everyone was blown away!"



"I love the program. Great videos, content, and instruction.  I really like the basic technique videos and kitchen information.  for all the hard work you put into making the site a success. Your authenticity shines through all aspects of Brownble."



“My sister gave us a subscription to Brownble for Christmas. All vegan recipes with videos, blog, podcast. Loving this to start 2021 with new food inspiration.”



“The course was amazing, congratulations for all these amazing videos, recipes and the best attitude, you are so charming, nice and kind to share this wonderful huge work with us. They are so clear and organized and easy to follow. I really appreciate your creativity and your gift. Thank you so much.”



"I love the teaching-through-video idea! I think it is so helpful! When I got my subscription, I devoured all those non-recipe videos (getting organized, kitchen tips, basic cooking techniques, etc.). I was listening to/ watching you all the time. It was crazy! Thank you so much for making it fun and enjoyable with your smiling presence and friendliness!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join our online plant based cooking classes?


"I happen to think that fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, all the delicious foods in the plant kingdom and all the vegan alternatives you can make with these, are among the most delicious and versatile ingredients out there, but we’ve just never been taught how to make them the central focus of our meals

We’ve never learned how to truly make them shine, and we’re here to change that, and show you that anyone can do it if they are inspired to learn something new and have the tools and support to navigate this journey."

- Kim Sujovolsky · Co-founder and your cooking instructor for the course
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More from our students...



"I have been struggling with eating, weight, body image and health since I went to college in 2007. I have been looking for something and trying to find a life that is liveable and not unsustainable. I don't quite remember the steps that led me to your site, but I am so happy they did. I am trying the online course for the seven days and I have loved every second of it. I have already learned so much and can't wait to keep going. I have been vegan for 20 days and it has been a process of change, but it's going pretty well. Thank you for all you do and keep it up. I can't wait to find out more!"



"I have learned so much from you! I appreciate that you are not the usual vegan preacher but rather a very genuine, down-to-earth mentor. One that knows how difficult it may be to start a vegan lifestyle, a person that anyone can relate to because you too have struggled with food and with society's stereotypes."



"I have learned so much from you after becoming vegan in June 2017 and now experiencing all the "firsts" during this Holiday season! It has been challenging to say the least, how others respond, how to fill my plate at gatherings, and sometimes even missing the way we used to eat. We are the only vegans in our extended family. Thank you for all the help you have been... You are the BEST!"



"This has been the most incredible resource for me the past 18 months & shifting my world towards eating vegan has had the most incredible effect on so many aspects of my life. Congratulations guys"



"You have definitely been of great help. It is comforting to know that there is a community of people I can relate to out there."



"Your posts are exactly where I am in life right now!. Thanks again for your program and amazing posts!"

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