The Roadmap

Going Vegan, Made Simple

An online course designed to teach you how to go vegan or make more vegan choices

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The Roadmap

Going Vegan, Made Simple

An online course designed to teach you how to go vegan or make more vegan choices

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The Roadmap is an online course designed to teach you how to go vegan or incorporate more plant based meals into your diet in a way that is delicious, simple, and that allows you to find your very own sweet spot when being vegan. 


All through an approach that is respectful of your very own journey, that allows for flexibility, missteps, and that focuses on the long road ahead. Think of it as the ultimate guide on how to become a vegan, created by a doctor and vegan chef, husband and wife team.


We cover everything from the benefits of going vegan, the basics of how to start a vegan diet, vegan nutrition essentials and reliable resources on plant-based nutrition, as well as shopping and eating vegan on a budget, meal planning for vegans, cooking, vegan meal ideas for everyday life and special occasions and holidays, how to eat out as a vegan, navigating the social aspects of being vegan, raising vegan kids and teens, going through different life stages as a vegan, plant-based recipes and so much more.


Main features

21+ Modules

180 lessons including:

  • Vegan recipes
  • Vegan nutrition basics
  • Shopping
  • Support when eating out as a vegan
  • Seasonal plant-based menu ideas
  • And much more

Multimedia Approach

Content comes in 3 main formats: 

  • Beautiful HD videos
  • High quality audios
  • Written lessons

Tons of Recipes

You'll get 40 step by step recipes including: 

  • Vegan main dishes
  • Sides
  • Breakfasts 
  • Desserts
  • Ideas for lunch and dinner
  • Plant-based recipes for entertaining
  • And more

We'll help you with all the social aspects of going vegan


  •  Traveling as a vegan
  •  Dealing with the reactions of non vegans, and friends and family members who might eat in a different way
  •  What to do if your partner isn't vegan
  •  How to eat out as a vegan at restaurants, weddings, dinner parties, office parties and through the Holidays

We'll help you with all the practical aspects of going vegan and getting started with a vegan diet

 Seasonal and special occasion menu ideas with easy to assemble dishes

Eating plant based on a budget

 Shopping and finding vegan options at the grocery store, meal planning, substituting favorites and cooking the best vegan recipes

What to feed your pets

Raising vegan kids and teens & much more

We'll teach you how to make delicious dishes


  •  Over 40 step-by-step recipes for things like white cheddar vegan mac & cheese, fudgy chocolate cake and braised seitan with a barbecue glaze.
  •  Beautiful printable PDFs for all the recipes.
  •  Glute free vegan meals.
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We give you ongoing support 

  •  Staying motivated and finding your "why"
  •  Dealing with common missteps when going vegan
  •  Dealing with the physical and emotional changes you might experience
  •  Answering any questions you might have throughout the course

We go beyond the plate

  •  Giving you support if you have special needs
  •  Guiding you to other areas of veganism like choosing cruelty free and vegan makeup, cosmetics and fashion
  •  Helping you keep family traditions alive no matter how you choose to eat, and honoring and enjoying family holidays as a vegan

Take it wherever you go 

  •  The course can be enjoyed through any device
  •  Beautiful HD videos
  •  Longer lessons via audio so you can take them on the go

Course Content


Module 1

Hitting the Road: What is Veganism vs What it Means to Eat a Vegan Diet

  • What is veganism?
  • What do vegans eat?
  • What being vegan is not

Module 2

First Stop: Finding your Motivation

  • Finding your why and deciding you can give it a try
  • Veganism and your health
  • Veganism and the animals
  • Veganism and the environment
  • Veganism and humankind
  • Veganism and your relationship to food, your body and yourself

Module 3

Frequently Asked Questions About Veganism 

  • Is a vegan diet healthy and complete nutritionally speaking?
  • Where do vegans get their protein?
  • What about all the other nutrients? Calcium, iron, omega 3s, etc.
  • I understand why vegans don't eat meat, but why don't they eat dairy and eggs?
  • Isn't eating vegan too extreme or radical?
  • Do I really need to supplement vitamin B12?
  • If it's such a healthy way to eat why hasn't my doctor recommended it?
  • Is it safe to eat some of the ready made vegan meat alternatives?
  • Is soy safe to eat or drink?
  • Can anyone be vegan? (Pregnant women, children, athletes, etc) 
  • If I have a medical condition, is it safe for me to eat a vegan diet? 
  • Isn't it ok to eat free-range eggs or grass fed beef?
  • Is it expensive to eat a vegan diet?
  • Do you need special equipment or fancy and expensive ingredients to be vegan?
  • Isn't a vegan diet too limited or difficult to keep up for long?
  • My partner doesn't want to go vegan. How can I make the switch to a vegan diet and still maintain a healthy relationship with them? 
  • Aren't we supposed to eat meat? We've been doing it for centuries and it's tradition

Module 4

Vegan "Side Effects": What to Expect when you Go Vegan

  • Common changes and symptoms you might experience when you go vegan
  • The emotional changes you might experience when you go vegan 

Module 5

How to Build a Balanced Plate

  • Plate re-arrange: Another way to see our plate
  • First thing's first: What about protein?
  • Other important nutrients for vegans
  • Introducing the plant plate and our favorite vegan registered dietitian nutritionists plus some must read books
  • Supplements
  • What's up doc? Getting regular check ups and knowing what to test

Module 6

Re-Stocking your Kitchen

  • What to take out
  • What to add in

Module 7

Going Shopping

  • Conventional store or supermarket
  • Meeting the health food store or specialty vegan shops
  • What if there are no vegan products or health food stores where I live 
  • Let's meet some vegan products you might not know

Module 8

Budget Friendly Tips 

  • Is eating vegan food more expensive than eating a standard animal-based diet?
  • My budget friendly mantra
  • Saving money while shopping
  • When you come back from the store
  • Some great budget friendly resources

Module 9

Vegan Substitutions

  • Scrumptious ingredient swaps!

Module 10

I Can't Live without... 

  • I can't live without cheese
  • I can't live without meat
  • I can't live without eggs
  • I can't live without seafood
  • I can't live without baking!

Module 11

A Day of Eating

  • Spring Menu 1
  • Spring Menu 2
  • Summer Menu 1
  • Summer Menu 2
  • Fall Menu 1
  • Fall Menu 2
  • Winter Menu 1
  • Winter Menu 2

Module 12

A Special Day of Eating

  • Pressed for Time Menu
  • On the Road Menu
  • Airport Travel Menu
  • Kids Won't Complain Today Menu
  • Picnic or Camping Menu
  • A Thanksgiving Feast Menu 
  • A Christmas Feast Menu
  • A St. Patrick's Day Party Menu
  • An Easter Feast Menu
  • A Smoky Summer BBQ Menu
  • A Spooky Halloween Comfort Food Party Menu

Module 13

The Social Aspects of Being Vegan

  • Family members' and friends' reactions after we go vegan
  • When my partner isn't vegan
  • Eating out in restaurants
  • But where am I putting my money?
  • Attending dinner parties or other social events with food
  • Enjoying the Holidays
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Dealing with friends and family who still eat animal foods
  • Keeping traditions alive, and starting new ones

Module 14

Vegan Travel

  • Traveling as a vegan
  • Tips for the journey: air travel, airports, bus, train, or road trips
  • Tips for when you've arrived at your destination 
  • The vegan passport and visual guides for traveling
  • Great travel blogs and resources

Module 15

Vegan Kids, Teens and Pregnancy

  • Can I be vegan and have a healthy pregnancy?
  • Recommended resources for pregnancy, breastfeeding and raising vegan kids and teens
  • Support for vegan parents and soon to be parents
  • Raising vegan kids
  • Raising vegan teens
  • If you are a vegan teen

Module 16

Athletes and Vegans with Special Needs

  • Vegan athletes
  • What if I have allergies to certain foods?
  • What if I have limited access to foods or I'm struggling with food insecurity?
  • What if I've had or am struggling with an eating disorder?
  • What if I have a disability that limits or impairs shopping and cooking?
  • What if I have an underlying medical condition?

Module 17

Veganism and Pets

  • Can our dogs and cats be vegan?
  • Some commercial brands of vegan pet food
  • Pet adoption over purchase: The problem with breeders and buying companion animals
  • Being responsible pet owners 
  • Having a herbivorous companion if you don't wish to have dogs or cats
  • When you can't have a companion animal

Module 18

Vegan Beauty and Fashion

  • I have to do what now? A gentle introduction into vegan beauty and fashion
  • The truth behind animal testing, leather goods, fur & other apparel that uses animal products
  • Choosing more vegan/cruelty free products out of the kitchen
  • Clothing and accesories basics and labelling
  • Shoes and labelling (the easiest symbol in the world!) 
  • Vegan makeup and beauty products
  • What should I do if I already own non-vegan fashion products or cosmetics?

Module 19

Animals in Entertainment 

  • Animals in entertainment: Swap this for that!
  • The truth behind animals being used in entertainment
  • Creating new traditions
  • Children and education

Module 20

Common Vegan Missteps

  • Common nutrition missteps
  • Common social missteps
  • Common cooking and eating missteps
  • Common internal missteps

40 step-by-step recipes

  • Deliciously Decadent Chocolate Cake with a Fudgy Chocolate Sauce
  • Tofu Scramble with Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions and Greens
  • No-Tuna Salad Sandwich
  • Country Style Ratatouille
  • Classic Lasagna
  • Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls
  • Fresh Summer Rolls
  • Thai Coconut Peanut Sauce
  • Herbed Cashew Cream Cheese
  • Oven French Fries
  • White Cheddar Mac & Cheese
  • Smoky Tempeh Bacon
  • Fall French Toast with a Cinnamon, Maple and Apple Topping
  • Coconut Berry Almond Squares
  • Crunchy Cajun Cobb Salad
  • Easiest Kale
  • Mediterranean Couscous with Chickpeas and Avocado
  • Protein Packed Kale and Pineapple Smoothie
  • Jini's Bananas Foster 
  • Quickest Chickpea and Broccoli Coconut Curry
  • Cheese and Smoky Tempeh Quesadillas
  • Tofu No-Egg Salad Sandwiches
  • Picnic Potato Salad
  • Lentil and Mushroom Holiday Roast with Stuffing
  • Creamy Sweet Potato Purée
  • Herby Roasted Green Beans
  • Classic Pumpkin Pie
  • Red Wine Mushroom Gravy
  • Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Country Style Apple Pie
  • Spinach Quiche
  • Dublin Coddle
  • Pea, Mushroom and Asparagus Galette
  • Braised Seitan with a BBQ Glaze
  • Carrot Cake with a Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Roasted Artichokes with Lemony Parsley Pesto
  • Spooky Halloween Truffles
  • Jerky Tofu Kebabs, Corn on the Cob and Melt in your Mouth Kale
  • Sunny Side Up Dipping Sauce for Toast!
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This program is for you if... 

  •  You've been trying to make more vegan meals and need inspiration and support when thinking of easy vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas and recipes.
  •  You've tried going vegan before but lacked the motivation, or found it difficult to sustain.
  •  You’re curious about the benefits of going vegan, all the pros and cons to this way of eating and need a comprehensive “how to" guide.
  •  You need help and support on how to start a vegan diet.
  •  You've decided to become vegan or make more vegan choices but you're worried about nutrient requirements, what supplements you might need to take as a vegan (like the importance of vitamin B12) and how to build your new vegan meals.
  •  You've been looking for a more balanced approach, one that isn't about restriction or deprivation but about reconnecting with your own body’s cues and needs, a full online course that will give you all the tools you'll need to make this transition to veganism easily, in one easy to access platform.

Who is this program not for?

This course is not for you if you don't have access to a kitchen or an internet connection.

It is also part of our philosophy to respect the journey each person wants to go through, so we ask all of our students to be respectful of each other, in order to maintain the wonderful and supportive community we've always had within the course. It is not about perfection, but about positive steps forward.

What you'll need


You'll need an internet connection, and a device with access to it. Our course can be enjoyed through your computer, phone, or tablet.

You’ll also need access to a kitchen and all your basic kitchen tools. If at any point a video showcases a piece of equipment you don’t currently have in your kitchen, I’ll be right there to give you alternatives and you’ll of course have countless other videos to choose from. 

So Who are We Anyway?

Just in case we haven’t met before, I’m Kim. I’m a teacher, a certified plant based cook, and together with my partner in crime, my husband Carlos, doctor (MD) and online tech/filming fanatic, we created “The Roadmap”. An online course designed to help you in and out of the kitchen to make more vegan choices in a sustainable way that suits your lifestyle.

We're on a mission to help people get back in the kitchen, cook delicious vegan meals, while falling in love with the simplicity of food and cooking again.

We've been helping our students on their journey to veganism or to making more vegan choices for many years now, both from a culinary perspective and also from a lifestyle perspective, making many online vegan courses to give you all the support and tools you need.

We want to inspire you, motivate you and teach you how to go on this journey without additional restriction, without a sense of purity or perfection, and where missteps are welcome and part of the process.

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This is what our students are saying...



“I want to say how incredibly impressed I am with this course and it's thoroughness so far- and it looks like I have been barely even scratched the surface! You clearly put so much love, attention and detail into this astounding amount of content, it is truly mind blowing and I can't thank you enough.”



“I have read and completed other courses on veganism but none is so complete as this one if you want to get into all the aspects of a vegan lifestyle. It not only covers food but also ethical and environmental aspects behind this choice, vegan diets for different age groups and conditions, animal abuse, the cosmetic industry, etc. Kim is the perfect communicator. She is honest, considerate, engaging, and very passionate about everything. I could be listening to her for hours and never get tired because she has that special thing that makes her instantly connect with her listeners/ readers. Some of the aspects she deals with, especially the way animals are treated and the not-so-known working conditions of workers in the meat industry, are very sensitive matters and she talks about them in a very tactful, respectful way. I appreciate her for that. Thank you Kim and Carlos for putting this amazing course together. The vegan world has just gotten richer with your wonderful resource!”



“What a magical place! And "The Roadmap" is a gem! I love every bit so far! Thank you, Kim and Carlos, for putting it together.”



“This really is a fabulous program that covers the most up-to-date information and options available to a new (but overwhelmed-at-times) vegan. Thank-you once again, Kim and Dr Carlos, for sharing your wealth of knowledge on each and every subject in this Brownble Roadmap. This really is the one of the best online programs, if not the very best program for learning about veganism and how to become a healthy, happy vegan.”



“This is everything. I cannot possibly come up with the words to express how this course, and this module in particular, helped me find myself. I’ve battled being the odd one out for most of my life and struggled with my relationship with food for many many years. I would go vegan for periods of time because it felt right for me, but being such a perfectionist, any little setback or mistake became a total derailment and made me feel like a failure of a vegan. But now, after experiencing this and hearing all of the kind and encouraging words, as well as utilizing the additional resources mentioned, I truly feel the confidence you mentioned. I feel like I am one with myself now and not just living day by day in a shell of who I really am. I feel complete and I feel grateful. My heart is full and my soul is happy!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”



“This course has taken me on an amazing journey. I became Vegan 3 months ago and made the decision based on health as well as environmental issues. Your course has given me a completely new global picture on many issues I was not aware of; such as how bad we treated the animals we eat, the utter importance of not using Veganism as yet another diet, or obsession about purity. The wealth of resources that you put at disposal has enabled me to learn in so many areas and take my vegan journey to a new dimension that includes after 20 years of dieting. working on intuitive eating as well as mindfulness. I feel very fortunate to enter the vegan community through this introductory workshop because I feel I won't be judged for missteps; I am not alone; I can listen to your podcasts and I am part of a momentum that is growing every day to make this world a better place. So well done, thank you for sharing your story and keep up supporting all the new vegans!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a course like The Roadmap

“Any big change such as going vegan requires motivation and support, but above all that, going vegan is a big step that often comes with roadblocks, moments in which you weren’t able to do it perfectly, countless questions and opinions from friends and family, it can be a challenge to go through this on your own.

What I’ve seen happen time and time again is that even when we are so motivated to go on this journey, we take any stumbles as failures, any difficulties as signs that we aren’t doing it right. This course will help you not only learn everything you need to know when going vegan safely and deliciously, but it will teach you how the road can be filled with self compassion, how you can use this journey to learn so much about yourself, how you can make a change for yourself, the animals and the planet in a way that includes all the intricacies and nuance that make you you, how no two journeys are the same and how you can forge your own path so that these changes can accompany you for life.”

Kim Sujovolsky - Co-founder and your instructor for the course

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More from our students...



"I have learned so much from you! I appreciate that you are not the usual vegan preacher but rather a very genuine, down-to-earth mentor. One that knows how difficult it may be to start a vegan lifestyle, a person that anyone can relate to because you too have struggled with food and with society's stereotypes."



"The new roadmap looks absolutely beautiful, Kim!! All the time & effort that you & Carlos put into this is really apparent in the first few videos that I've seen so far. I can only imagine the work that this took, from all script/topic preparation to the things that had to be packed & taken along with you to do the filming!! Your beautiful season-appropriate outfits for each class, the beautiful, tranquil settings in that quaint little town of 12!, your beautiful puppies in the background!! I love it all!!!"



"Dear Kim, when you talk about food, the aura of the environment around you is so divine that I really forget what I am watching. I really admire your caliber of doing various projects with that high level of precision and I love your passion for your work. Focusing on many things creates complexity and it actually calls for unshakable dedication to the cause and you have tons of potential for work"

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