Interviews from The Brownble Podcast: RDN Shannon Costello on Ditching Diets, Practicing Kitchen Therapy and a New Approach to Health

I’m so excited to introduce you to our very special guest for today’s episode, registered dietitian nutritionist Shannon Costello.

Shannon is a professional at a very special intersection that includes pretty much all the things we talk about in this podcast. She is a plant based dietitian and passionate about vegan foods, she is also an anti diet dietitian, taking her clients along a new path to all encompassing well being and health through intuitive eating and each person’s specific circumstances, preferences and lifestyles. To top things off, she actually coaches her clients, in the kitchen, to find a way of shopping planning, prepping and cooking that helps make life easier, and helps people connect with their food and ingredients in a new way.

Today we talk about the harm that can come with dieting, leaving the dieting mindset behind and reconnecting to yourself and your body. We also talk about what the experience is like when you walk into an anti-diet dietitian's office, dealing with dieting conversations with family members and friends, the differences between meal planning and meal prepping, as well as how to share meals with our partners or family who might eat in a different way, and so much more.

Shannon also shares so much of her personal story with dieting and her journey to more balanced exercise habits with us, and if you’ve ever watched her very entertaining reels on instagram, I can tell you right now, she is just as fun, bubbly, genuine and honest as she comes across on social media. 

Shannon Costello is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and plant-based culinary coach based in Maryland, USA. She inspires her clients to ditch the dieting mindset through kitchen therapy and intuitive eating while exploring new foods & flavors. You can connect with her, and book a consultation through her website and instagram where she is @chefshannonnutrition

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