"Why Vegan" Series: Veganism and the Animals Pt. 1 Meat

Season #10

As you know, we’ve started a brand new series in the podcast titled the “Why Vegan” Series, a newly revamped, re-recorded and updated version of our most beloved and downloaded series in the podcast. Through these episodes we’re going to share those big reasons why more and more people are deciding to move towards a more plant-based way of eating and going vegan. We've discussed the effects on going vegan when it comes to our health, our environment, and now it's finally time to begin with what was my personal “why”.

When I went vegan many years ago, it was learning about what happens to animals in our modern agriculture system and the meat, dairy and fishing industries that did it for me. Today I share a bit of what that journey was like, and I go deep into helping you understand what’s wrong with our treatment of animals in these industries. In today's episode, part 1 on animals, we'll begin by talking about meat consumption, with fish, dairy and eggs to follow in the next few weeks.

If you’re not sure if hearing about what happens to animals is something you’re ready for, I ask that you at least listen in to the first part of the episode. I’ll explain why this was such an important part of my journey, and I’ll also explain why I think that listening to these issues as a first approach can set you on your journey without it being as painful as watching graphic images, while definitely arming you with all the motivation needed to stick with this change. 

The next few episodes are very deep and personal to me, and I hope that you love them too. They’re also a great resource to share with friends or family who ask you questions about the way you eat, as it’s as kind and compassionate towards the listener as it is towards the animals.

I finish the episode by talking about what happened to me when I saw these images and learned what I now know, and what made me make the connection that changed my life and my way of eating.

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